AATH/Miss SUZETTE/Remember Whaaat?!?

Miss SUZETTE/aka Dr. Happy M.D., is one of the presenters at The AATH 24th Annual Conference 2011, April 7-10th, in Orlando Florida.

Chosen from 64 other international entries, she will conduct an Early Bird Session, titled “Remember Whaaat?!?”, to answer such challenges as; “Can’t remember who you are married to?”  “Forgot your four-legged’s name?” “And where DID you, park your jet?”

Miss SUZETTE/aka Dr. Happy M.D., is Canada's first Humour & Comedy Instructor & Laughter Coach. She coined the term "Humour Therapy" in the “70's", and continues to originate FunTips/FunTrips/Fun STUFF to achieve Humour Solutions for All Levels of Business, & Personal Applications.

Her humour-doctor-character, the world renown, Dr. Happy M.D., humour-heals, the legions of laughter challenged, daily.

This AATH Conference is titled---Humour, Health and Happiness:  A Laughing Matter. 

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), based in Orlando, Florida,  is an international community of professionals who incorporate humor into their daily lives, and provide evidence-based information about current research and practical applications of humor.

People come from around the world to the AATH Annual Conference (last year there were 15 countries represented!).  This year promises to be a year like no other -  for those who understand that healthy humor really is the best medicine.

Miss SUZETTE looks forward to reuniting with her beloved humour-colleagues, mingling and learning from all the presenters, and guests…

And oh yes, she hopes to remember to wake up, oh so early in the morning, to present her “Use Humour to Trigger YOUR Memory” Stuff.


See more info listed under Conference Schedule, Saturday, April 9, 2011, 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM.Annual AATH Conference and or CONTACT and/or at   Telephone: 416-921-5288 Toronto. CANADA


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